About Us

“Turkey is a love story, come create your own!” 

Roberto Carby


The history of Eureka Travel dates back to 2010. Destiny brought them together, three men luckily started to work in the same hotel in different positions. They became very good friends and their fraternity went beyond hotel borders.
Having worked in different hotels and travel agencies, one day they traveled together to Cappadocia. They had been talking about having their own travel agency for quite some time, but while visiting this beautiful spot they had their “Eureka!” moment. It was time. They put forward their own spirit and understanding into business along with years of experience.

The insight and knowledge we have come from our personal experiences, living and traveling throughout the length and breadth of İstanbul and Turkey. We have roughed it out and luxed it up in all of the destinations we offer; sampled the tours and gotten familiar with everything from local events to weather patterns. We took everything into consideration, from minor to major.

Eureka Travel has a strong passion for helping its clients discover this amazing country for themselves, from the sights to the tastes, from the shopping to the delightful people. We provide customized travel packages because we want you to enjoy İstanbul and Turkey in your own way, and at your own speed.
At Eureka Travel, we create an authentic level of experience like no other. We welcome our beloved guests to explore the charm and beauty that pop up from every corner of Turkey. From the domes lit by the moon and minarets piercing the sky outlining the silhouette of İstanbul, to the antique cities that decorate the shores of the Aegean and the Turquoise Mediterranean; from the stupendous sculptures resting on mount Nemrut in the East that fascinates and hypnotizes the visitors with their timelessness to the air balloons of Cappadocia mesmerizing its visitors by its fairy chimneys and extraordinary rock formations…

As a fully licensed Turkey tour operator, Eureka Travel Turkey offers comprehensive regular and private city tours, organizing complete vacations and meeting all your expectations. Hassle-free regular and private city tours, stylish boutique hotels, comfort, safety, and convenience are key to our success. All the tours we offer are presented in ways that eventually form unforgettable memories. We specialize in all-Turkey travels because we want to make known every corner of this country to the world’s citizens. Whatever you want, you will find it in this beautiful country through the guidance of Eureka Travel.

Explore this site for more information on our featured destinations and packages, and contact us if you have questions, let us get started on helping you build your trip into Turkey today!