Istanbul Galataport culture street and things to do around Istanbul cruiseport.

Galataport is Istanbul’s new cruise terminal. It is waiting for its distinguished guests from various points of the world.

We would like to give some advice to our guests coming to Istanbul by cruise.

Cruise passengers generally consist of the high income and living standards of the countries they live in.
He wants to reach and feel certain standards in his travels.

Istanbul Galataport cruise passengers will spend a maximum of 2 or 3 days in Istanbul. Sometimes this period can even be shorter. For this reason, it has to make the best use of their time and make the right planning.

As the Istanbul Luxury Transfer team, we would like to assist the guests who will come to Istanbul Galataport by cruise in line with their requests. In the programs we will make together, we can share your special requests and shape the program together.

We can meet you with your trip to your hotel from Galataport.

We can organize private professional guided tours with or without a vehicle. We can start and finish at the time you want and plan all the places you want to go together. We can also organize a private yacht Bosphorus tour or yacht for breakfast, dinner and anniversary organizations.
We can organize private shopping tours and do traditional shopping from local shops. All options such as ceramics, Turkish carpets, leather, fur, diamonds and jewelry can be visited in local shops specialized in their field.
With a private guide, you can determine walking routes and discover Istanbul’s little-known historical and local districts.

We are aware that cruise guests are travelers who know what they want and buy, and as a team, we have developed ourselves in this direction.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for all your questions and requests regarding your Istanbul trip.